I am a Canadian photographer based in Toronto

I was born in Chile. I finished high school and studied law at the Pontifical Catholic University in the capital city, Santiago. I worked at the Public Defender’s Office and at a law firm specialized in criminal law. After many years I quit and became a radio and TV broadcaster in Concepcion, Chile. In the year 2000, following a different path I turned into a sea kayaking guide, a job that gave me the opportunity to take people to places as far apart as Patagonia in the southern hemisphere to Greenland in the extreme north, as well as Baja California in Mexico; the Great lakes in Ontario and Baffin island in Nunavut. In 2014 I became a Canadian citizen. Currently I am a photographer, a husband and a father of 2 kids.

I have studied photography at George Brown College, Toronto between 2010-2013.

In 2014 I did a Portrait Photography Workshop at the AGO, Toronto

In 2015 I studied Black and white photography at ARphotodesign, Toronto.

You can also check some of my work at www.lensculture.com/francisco-riquelme